Welcome to Khanom Beach

The Amazing beaches of northern Nakhon Si Thammarat province are just itching to be discovered.

Stretches of undeveloped beach stretch as far as the eye can see. Every beach boasts its own unique characteristics. In addition to white sand and palm trees, there are limestone cliffs and mangrove forests.

Many of the beaches remain unspoiled, providing complete privacy.

Khanom is small but on the verge getting real known by the public in Thailand and overseas. Small resorts and 5 stars hotels are popping up along the beaches.

Nadan beach was the first quality beach that was open to tourists. This beach is popular thanks to its beautiful aquamarine water and white sand.

Nai Plao beach is a phenomenally beautiful beach located at the southernmost point of Khanom bay. Boulders separate it from Nai Pret beach.

Tongyee beach is one of the best beach that Khanom has to offer. It is only 3 km south of Nai Plao beach. The beach is quite isolated. Snorkel right off of the beach and try to catch your dinner.

There is an abundance of coral, fish and native wildlife in Khanom and also not to forget the famous pink dolphins that are swimming in the bay. The waterfalls flow into the sea and the swimming is excellent.

Some 10 km north of Khanom on the way to Donsak, the ferry port connecting the mainland to Koh Samui, you will find 3 others wonderful beaches that are amongst the best, not only in Khanom, but in whole of Thailand!  Tongching beach, and Tong Node beach along with Kwang Pao Bay, the former ferry port to Koh Samui. These beaches and the nature almost make you believe you are on Phi Phi island!

With all these amazing beaches and good infrastructures it is no surprise that Khanom is tipped to become something of destination for tourist hot-spot in Thailand.

This simpler destination offering more authentic experience that make tourists remember from the first trip to the country, unspoiled beaches, close to nature, simple way of local life, varieties tourist attractions and fresh seafood !